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30 best interior and architecture design blogs to follow in 2020


1. the design story — designs, designers, and products

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the design story has a web architecture and interior design blog dedicated to the latest news and developments in architecture and design and a curated design store.

the design story tells you about interior solutions that are beyond the look or the aesthetics. for instance, the blog supports and publishes stories about architecture projects for social justice, a product or a brand that stands by local empowerment, or wood colors made out of scrap mushroom. the field of coverage is endless: architecture, products, branding, typography, fmcg packaging.

the mental image that the design story best aligns with is tropical and asia vernacular designs and “design with a story”.

main focus: innovation, sustainability, impacts.

2. decor8blog — breaking boundaries

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decor8blog is one of the first blogs for interior design inspiration created in 2006. founder and editor holly becker and her team offer helpful design tips, decorating and floral ideas, and even starting a business in the design industry!

the most interesting thing about this blog is “live” articles of the features of interiors of different countries. why are they “live”? because bloggers often travel and write about what they saw themselves. all this is accompanied by high quality and stylish photos!

main focus: handmade, color inspiration, room tours, related books, vintage, floristry, decor tips, etc.

3. design and form — scandinavian minimalism

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finally, for those tired of the flow of professional news, the swedish blog offers relaxation and delight for the eyes and soul. it is led by interior designer emma, ​​who is fond of sewing, knitting, various handmade, and in every possible way cultivates a love of scandinavian minimalism.

on the site, you can find step-by-step instructions for creating a box for small household items, a selection of beautiful instagram pictures and a guide to arranging a small apartment.

main focus: creation, interior design, illustrations.

4. desire to inspire — beauty fever

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the editors of this site — kim, a web programmer from canada, and joe, an interior designer from australia — haven’t ever met in non-virtual life. they met on flickr, where they began to share photos of objects and interiors they loved. in 2006, they jointly created desire to inspire turning into a great source of design inspiration.

main focus: pointing out ideas for designers, decorators, architects, stylists, photographers.

5. designlovefest — where type & images totally make out

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this is a case when the author’s obsession grows first into a readable publication, and then a business project. the dlf blog is read by over forty thousand people a day. in addition to interiors, stylish gizmos and diy tips, you can find travel, food, entertainment and other elements of lifestyle here, which, in principle, is this blog with an emphasis on design. countless brands turn to the author and part-time owner of a design studio to develop concept campaigns.

it was founded by emily bree. the blog attracts visitors with its exquisitely designed photos, distinguished by bright colors, style, and interesting graphics. if you want to create something beautiful, but don’t know how, you can choose any training on the blog, from floristry to decor. by the way, there are both online workshops and live meetings with designers. convenient, isn’t it?

main focus: alluring and recognizable aesthetic ideas for interior design.

interior design on a budget blogs

if you want to decor your apartment simply and quickly, you can discover amazing concepts in the following resources:

6. flodeau — interior architecture and design studio

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a sophisticated blog from french designer florence do, filled with stylish interiors and details with a 1950s vibe, collecting designs from the blog owner and what she pays attention to on her many travels.

main focus: custom interiors, architecture art design projects.

7. cereal — news on design, architecture, art.

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a beautiful magazine, reminiscent of kinfolk in spirit, and an equally beautiful site, tell not only about low-key hipster interiors, but also stylish reality. it is difficult to imagine such in everyday life, but you can look at truly beautiful photographs built on complex shades for inspiration.

main focus: exciting interviews and stories of original design and fashion ideas.

8. the cool hunter — design ideas from around the globe

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a site with a self-explanatory name: there is always something really cool and at the same time quite simple for design inspiration. the website is full of extraordinary items that you can buy if you like to.

main focus: architecture, art, lifestiles.

9. designspiration -exploring colors, ideas and inspiration

designspiration was created in 2010 by designer and entrepreneur shelby white. everything about this blog is ingenious and simple — it contains only pictures and photographs, sorted by sections: interior design, architecture, art, posters, vintage design, illustrations, graphics, etc.

the popularity of the resource is based on its uniqueness, diversity, the quality of those very pictures and photos. designspiration is a hub for collecting and sharing creativity. here, you can quickly find creative frameworks and share it with another person.

main focus: concepts and colors

10. design milk — online store/magazine focused on modern design

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the creators of one of the most famous american websites for the insiders promise their readers a daily dose of vitamin d (design) — and of course they do it. “skim milk” is served every thursday — articles and reviews about minimalism. if you are looking for references to houses with laconic features of minimalist interiors — here you are. “friday five”, where designers, artists and entrepreneurs talk about 5 favorite things, will help you survive fridays and get ready for weekends.

main focus: exchange, support and development of global creativity in the fields of design, art, architecture, technology and more.

modern architecture blogs

modern architecture is one of the things that can truly surprise you with its forms, patterns, styles and trends. to keep up with the latest news in the field of architecture, consider the resources below.

11. travel with frank gehry

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this is so much more than just an architecture art design blog. its author, frank gehry, invites you to travel around the world through architecture. this modern architecture blog contains the most fashionable designer hotels, shops, restaurants in the world. by following this resource, you can actually enjoy the trip through modern architecture together with frank.

12. surface & panel

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another nice blog for daily lif

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